Monday, January 25, 2010

Beanster family outing Jan 2010

Since our family goes out shopping on average once a month, I decided to create this title for easy future reference. Hopefully blogspot is still in operation by the time Bean is old enough to read my blog.

Dinner was at Canele. Was my third visit there and hubby’s first. I always remember to order their House Salad each time. I think it’s Salad Canele but I prefer to call it their House Salad.

It’s ever soooo good! Chokeful of crabmeat with greens (I think is Romaine lettuce), fresh tomatoes, hard boiled egg and a dressing which isn’t too rich (think vinegarette like). Even hubs who is not a salad person agreed it’s good.

I had spicy tomato based pasta for my main.

Tasted alike chilli crab and again they were sooo generous with the crabmeat. *Wondering if XX’s favourite pasta can fight with this or not. Haha*

Hubs had Doria – baked rice.

Was good as well. All of a sudden, he remarked that he felt a resemblence between the Chinese Loh Mai Kai (chicken glutinous rice) and baked rice. I was appalled. Just where is the resemblence?

Dessert was raspberry ice cream with cute little pink rose flavoured sticks.
Don't know what they are called but I like it.

Turned out to be well... different from the pic.

Hubs did a silly thing. He spoon fed the 5 month and 3 weeks old Bean the ice cream! Is he crazy!!! Bean was curious and she kinda responded to that. Haha. That made the hubby very gian to take over the feeding in next meal. He thought it must be easy work and very fun. I did prepare the brown rice cereal and fulfill his wish by handing over the bowl to him the next feed but he gave up after about 2 spoons. So much for his paternal instinct huh!

As usual, a visit to Taka is a must each time we are in town. This time round we got the Combi feeding bowl and spoon/noodle cutter set to match the earlier bought Combi items and some miscellaneous stuff. Also stocked up on my GNC supplements for lactacting Mummies and Fenugreek. Making good use of the Taka additional 10% discount. Oh ya have to mention it here. Just 2 days after I purchased the rubber bib and expensive training cup, everywhere is having 20% off for Combi items. Although I had used CapMall voucher for that but also Dui ma. So we had to purchase some other stuff at Taka to “break even” a bit. I was just telling hubby nowadays the kids are damn pampered. They even need to have a special set of cutlery and utensils for eating. Before having my Bean, I would secretly wince whenever I see a parent taking from their bag a case of utensils for the child. Look what I’m doing here? I bought my Bean an atas set of that. Noodle cutter? Cannot borrow scissors from the service staff is it? Spoon, cannot use normal spoon is it? Answer is: Of course not la. Must use personalized one ok. Before using the Combi spoon, I was using the spoon my Dear Aunt bought for me. It has a rubber tip and long handle. Rubber tip so it’s gentle to baby’s mouth. Long handle to counter in case they tug at the spoon. Was great the rubber tip but Combi’s ergonomic design worked better for babies who just started on solids. The base of the feeding tip was flat so I could easily “sweep” the base at the side of the feeding bowl and feeding will be less messy in this case.

Round up this post with Daddy-Daughter pics. No pics of myself since I am the *ahem* better photographer between us, I take all the pics most of the time.

Hey Mummy, look out for my 无影脚

* LOVE *

* We bumped into 4 friends that day and ALL of them have children. 1 of them is my sec school close friend whom I lost contact for over 3 years. Glad to see that she's doing well now. Her 2nd child is about 2 months older than Bean. Also bumped into the nice couple who attended the same antenal class at Mount Alvernia and we exchanged contacts this time round. Their baby girl is just 12 days older than Bean. The other 2 are hubby's friends. Feeling kinda old now. No longer those days where we can go anywhere freely and without consideration. However, no regrets giving birth to Bean. She brings joy to us everyday! *

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