Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day out with mummy - Counting down edition

One of the day outs with Mama... sob sob.... Mama is going back to work very very soon. Sad but we all have to face the cruel fact that we can't survive solely based on single income. Still, thank you very much K for fulfilling my dream for the past 13 months. No regrets. Tiring yes, but every single day is filled with joy and satisfaction. No amount of money is able to give me that kind of satisfaction :D

XY with Mama at Mama's favourite hangout. Just the 2 of us spending time together is all we need.

Doesn't she look chubby in this pic? Well pictures are deceiving. I also have some pics look "slim" one.


peppermintflowers said...

Hi Jo,

When are you going back to work? I'm also going back to work in July. Need some tips on expressing - relly bad with the pump!

Enjoy your days with XY!


pinkdewy said...

Can you add me in fb. Email or simply email me. I will sms you later.