Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sick Bean goes to Prive

*Cough cough cough*

Below medicine all belong to my Bean Bean :(
Cough mixture from PD clinic which doesn't seem very effective so I went out to buy TCM cough powder for her. It smelled quite funny but she is able to drink it. Bad thing is, this morning she kept running about while I was giving her the medication and that led to coughing, which in turn led to her puking out the just swallowed medication AND her breakfast cereal/milk. Wa quite heartbreaking cause I was so happy she finally ate a big bowl but ended up with nothing.

Yeah the plan for today was to have brunch at Prive. I have only been there once with Jeanne (2yrs back!!) and wanted to bring my old man there to "have a look". Have to la. He hasn't been out much you know.

See Miss Bean doing a cheeky look to her daddy.

It was very challenging to keep her seated. Make it impossible! She was running around all the time and best, self-challenge to climb stairs by herself to level 2 (TCC). Stressed man. The more I want to catch her the more she ran away from me. Only K can take it. He entertained her while I was sat there with nothing to do. I have no iphone/ipad to play ok.

Finally after like 20min at least we used some props to lure her back to the table. Props as in the children's utensils provided.

Don't want to sit highchair!!!!!!

Finally a pic with mama.

Food is here. Anyhow take pics. No time for what nice angle.
K's cod fillet burger. Costs as much as a Wagyu burger.

XY's pancake (kid's portion) which she never even swallowed 1 bite. I thought she would be happy to self feed using the fork but she just held on to the fork instead of putting inside her mouth. I tried to take over to feed her but she just kept spitting it out without even biting. We finally gave up. We tested the pancake. It was really gooood. I love it so much that I would honestly order it again if we had the chance to go back.

And my open face BBQ chicken sandwich. Not very nice. Very super salty.

The little girl who preferred to sit on a chair instead of babychair. Her lunch consisted of 3 pcs of fries, few bites of K's cod fish and 1 strawberry (from the pancake). So poor thing eat so little.

Another one with Mama. Bad pic though.

We went to the opposite where there's a big free space. XY loves free spaces so that she can roam about haha.

1 beautiful pic of mama and daughter don't you agree?
(Discount the arms pls)

Um... a disturbing shot. That's what she loves to do these days :P

Erm she tried to do some kind of demo here.
Like trying to jump into the sea... Yes, she put 2 legs into the railings and sat there. I was too slow for that.

Ok she found a buoy just in case....

The kind of things she enjoys doing most.

Doesn't look sick at all right?

10min after all the action, she was soundly asleep in the car. Snoring.


ferinesok said...

sooooo cute,...
i miss going out with her.
btw, nice leggings + slim thighs

ferinesok said...

and,...hohoho the bag

pinkdewy said...

Pls correct urself. I hv slim calves only.