Sunday, June 29, 2008

My early bd pressie!

I wanna dedicate this post to my special friend Miss Y.
I have a lot to say about our 15yrs (and on-going) friendship.
Maybe I'll do it in a separate entry in the near future.

So much been going on these day and I've been whining quite a bit to Y.
This girl ha eversince moved to my neighbourhood, we've got more chances to meet up.
Aiyo she's always full of ideas. Always have something up her sleeves one :D.
It's still more than a month away to my bd but she has already found a nice pressie for me.

The big gift box:

The baggie which she said is VERY ME!

Seriously lor. I've always liked Lacoste and pink/white stripes and aimed this bag for some time but never got to buying (it's not me to pay so much for a cloth bag :P).
Can imagine my joy and surprise when I opened the box?
New addition to my pink/white stripes collection, following my Southaven blouse and Fox shorts.

Close up of the Alligator logo:

The monogram inside:

I'm really touched. Not only by the pressie but also how well she understands what I'm going through.
Texted her after I reached home and this is her reply.

Thanks Y. Your kind gesture and text means so much to me.
Hm... wonder when the other one born on 30th July will buy my bd pressie hor.
*hint hint*

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