Saturday, November 21, 2009

New food processor

ETA: Pump in use. Not letting go :P

Yes my Ameda Lactaline is here. Speedy delivery. Arrived in 4 working days after I placed my order.

Couldn't wait to try it when I got home. I'm new to double pumps so needed a bit of practice. This pump is good! Can empty both sides in about 15min but I'm still not very accustomed to using it. The cycle/suction could be adjusted for "let-down".

I have now Avent Manual, Medela Swing and finally, Ameda Lactaline. Eversince my Swing went on "mood-Swing", I've been using my manual. Surprised at how good it is! I can get 160ml a session during my lunch break. I prefer to bring my manual to work cuz it's so compact and fits in nicely in my Fridge-to-go with the bottle. Swing and Lactaline is a bonus to me when I get home as in I don't have to wash/sterilise the parts for the next pumping session.

Good as it is, I've decided to let go of my Lactaline. Um... even the hubby was surprised. Took me a long time to decide between this and PIS and after finally laying my hands on it, I wanna let go? Well I'm quite used to my manual now so I don't really need a double pump. Another 2 months + 1 week to hit the 6 month mark. Will I still want to continue with breastfeeding after 6 months? Probably yes if my supply is still there but right now, I decided I'm fine with my manual:) Anyone you know still prefer a single manual to a double?

Interested? Email me or sms 9842 1275.
A pair of Flexishields included.

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