Thursday, November 12, 2009

Princess goes to Daycare Part 3, 4 & 5

* This is a pictureless entry. Can skip if you bored :) *

Day 3:

We (family of three) all woke up very late on Wed yet Daddy still insisted want to bath the Bean before sending her to daycare (which he is already calling is "school"). Reached abt 1030am. We were always the latest to be there. Hehe...

Anyway, Bean is quite easy to handle and she's adapting well to the new environment :D. So what I did on Wed, I left after a while instead of staying with her. Went to Mummy Jas' place to collect my spree loots. Yeah all my baby stuff arrived. Bean has many many clothes now. BabyGap is so much more cheaper than in local stores :) Mummy Jo will make it a point to join all Mummy Jas' spree in future. Wahaha Daddy sure can't stand me. Um.. anyway back to the daycare. The lazy Mummy decided to play cheat. Go home dilly dally a bit then bring the Bean back. Supposed to be there with her yet I go off. Shows that my Bean is easily adaptable. Hehe.

Day 4:

Daddy bathed the Bean before sending her. This is the 1st day she will be there full day and parents don't have to be there. Yeah! This is the day Mummy gets a off day. Mummy Jo got her pedi done and trimmed her hair. Preparation myself to go back to office. Picked Bean up in the evening. She's great!

Day 5:

Mummy told Daddy no need to bath for Bean. The teachers can do it. Handed Bean over and I left. Didn't even give her her morning feed and she went in her PJs. I only gave her a diaper change. I guess this is what we will do starting from next week. Mummy went in search for new clothes again. What would I wear to the office with my newly found "figure"? The inches at the waist and hips prevented Mummy Jo to spend that $. Only managed to get a skirt from IORA. MJ met Daddy at Suntec for lunch since he was at customer's office troubleshooting. Silly MJ proceeded to do eyebrow threading only to realise her package has expired last month! Hm.. 2 sessions down the drain. 2nd blow of the week following the closure of that lousy spa place at Pan Pac. Not very much impact on me but still... Anyway I paid ala carte price for my brows threading. They tried to sell me yet another package but would I sign again for fear of closure or not consuming the sessions within the time frame? Of course not! 3rd blow of the week must be when Old One saw me and commented how come I have not done my brows for such a long time. How come so thick? Huh I just spent extra $ (forfeited my prepaid 2 sessions leh) on it and he dare to say it. Must be the lady draw too thick for me la. Luckily I was still loitering around Suntec / Marina Square area cuz just nice when I felt like going home, Daddy just finished work and we could go fetch Bean together. Saw a new lady in the daycare when fetching Bean. Turns out that she's the principal of the centre. She has been observing Bean for a few days. She said Bean was adapting well :)) Oh.. something kinda embarassing. She asked the other Malay teacher is this the baby who needs the bottle to be tapped while feeding and the Malay teacher nodded. Then both told me they didn't have to do the "tapping" when feeding her AND she finishes her milk. Strange! Cuz we often have to tap the bottle for her to drink more milk. If not, she will try to pull away from the bottle, leaving 20ml even after we increased the qty for her. Tell me she's not bullying her poor Mummy! That girl of mine! Haha...

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