Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pre-order for New Ameda Lactaline Personal Dual Electric Breast Pump

A little biz I am starting to earn spare cash for myself and also to benefit mummies who wish to breastfeed and looking for a good dual pump. I've read and heard good reviews about this pump and how it is comparable to Medela Pump In Style Advance.

Price: SGD265/unit inclusive of free delivery to local address.
Email me:
Sms: 9842 1275
*Local departmental stores selling at $388*

The latest generation mains and battery operated breast pump from Ameda has been completely modernised, with bigger, better control knobs and new BPA-free Hygienikit ™ milk collection sets supplied with standard 25mm breastshields.

Main features
CustomControl ™ - Independent cycle (0-60 min) and suction (215mm Hg max) controls for complete control of the let-down reflex.

Easy to maintain - Compatible with all Ameda electric breast pumps, the supplied HygieniKit Milk Collection sets feature a patented silicone diaphragm that prevents milk and bacteria from entering the tubing and pump motor.

The HygieniKit is dishwasher safe and can even convert to a manual pump. There is no need to sterilise the Ameda Hygienikit tubing.

Professional performance - Comparable to the Ameda Elite 'Hospital' breast pump but for domestic use.

Use anywhere - The Ameda Lactaline Personal dual electric breast pump is supplied with a UK 3-pin mains adapter, and will operate effectively on battery power (6x AA alkaline batteries). Ameda's 12v adapter adds further versatility, enabling use in the car, caravan or boat.

And above all - It's a double pump. Double-pumping is believed to raise the body's prolactin levels compared to expressing on one side only, leading to an increase in the quality and quantity of expressed breast milk. It's quicker than a single pump too!

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