Saturday, November 7, 2009

Should I invest in a double pump?

What's the worst thing that could have happened to a Eping mummy? Her good old trusty pump dying on her! Yes my Swing motor lost its suction power. Damn it x 1000! And I just changed the soft shield and membrane days ago. Desperate with full breasts and a (thankfully) sleeping baby, I went to dig for my Avent manual. Know what? It's actually pretty easy to use and I could control the pressure since it's a manual. The petal letdown cushion worked very well. I think I got about 60ml in 10min the first time I used it. That's faster than my Swing. Subsequent usage didn't yield very good results. As in the letdown not very good and I had to keep adjusting the shield in different angles to pump. Since the Swing is supposed to be still under warranty, we decided to bring to the service centre on Monday. Suddenly one question came to my mind: Should I invest in a double pump now? The reason why I did not get a good double pump initially, cause I wasn't sure I could hold it out for that long. Who knows it's already been a little over 3 months and my supply is still good. I'm not setting how long I should provide milk for my gal. Will just pump and nurse till supply runs dry. I'll be going back to work in less than 10 days, considering to order an Ameda pump from US and ship by vpost back. Been lemming for a Medela PIS for the longest time but I've read some reviews saying the motor is bulky and the Ameda works just as well for a fraction of PIS price. Ameda pump also comes with its special hygiene feature. It's the only pump in the market with this feature and it's so affordable. After conversion and shipping, it should be max SGD290. Still cheaper than my locally bought Swing. Sigh! Still thinking should buy or not?

Ameda, Yes or Not?

Update: Swing motor back in action. It's the second time it happened. Not sure when is the next time it will happen again.

My backup Avent manual

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