Monday, November 9, 2009

Princess goes to Daycare Part 1

Sadly, the temporary SAHM job is coming to an end. I'm returning to work next week. 17 weeks and 2 days = 4 months of not going to that dreadful place and it's finally time for me to go back. *endure*

After some careful planning, we decided the best way for now is to send the Bean to a daycare close to home. My father so wanted me to bring her over every morning and then we could have dinner together before bringing Bean home. I do appreciate his thoughtfulness and willingness to help out but as I still intend to give Bean ebm till my supply runs dry, I have to wake up extra early to pump. Not forgetting I have to rush home straight after work again for the same purpose. If we were to ferry Bean to and fro everyday, it's going to be too tiring for all of us. Anyway the daycare arrangement is going to be for temporary. I have my plans afterall. Next thing is I do not want my father to get too attached to Bean in case after execution of my plan, he can't see her daily he will be very heartbroken. In fact he suggested to me if I'm afraid of the trouble of ferrying her to and fro daily, I could leave Bean with them for some nights. Now this is something I do not want to do yet. Bean is still young and I want to be able to be by her side every night. She's still waking up daily at about 5am for her feed. Sometimes she wakes up 2 times. She still needs to be nursed. Besides my father is old, I don't wish for him to be waking up at such wee hours to prepare for her feed. Even if Auntie Lasi is helping I'd also rather not. I don't mind to let her sleep over at my father's place when she's older. I can have a break for myself too.

Um anyway back to the daycare. For the first 3 days, parents or the Mummy have to be there for half a day. We can bring baby back at 1pm. We went in late today. Bean woke up much later than her usual timing and then we did some last minute packing. Lousy Mummy always pushing the packing to the last minute and ended up Daddy had to do it.

I like the name of this place :)

Upon entering, there's a whiteboard with all the infants' names and their birthdates.
How nice to see they were already expecting Bean.

There's also a log file to record the daily "inputs" / "outputs" and activities of the infants.

This is exactly how big the whole place is. The sliding door leads to the baby cots.
The nice teacher informed me there's a nursing room inside but that's really none of my concern. Haha. My gal loves to be bottle-fed!

A little more "private" corner but no one goes inside.

Tried to put her to sleep since she missed her morning nap. This girl is so persistent ok. She usually struggles and insists to have her morning nap straight after bath. Don't even want milk. Then she will wake up half an hour later (1 hour if I'm lucky) for feed. I always wonder: Why can't she just drink up properly and then she can sleep peacefully for the next 2 hours? Anyway she missed her nap as we were trying to bring her over.

She loves the hanging mobile on the cot. We also have a pre-loved mobile at home and she's always very interested to stare at it. Each time the mobile spins, she gets really excited. Just wondering why she is so not interested in the animal safari in the living room?

The small cabinets to store their stuff.

Ok she does not want to sleep. It is so strange cuz she always always insists to nap straight after bath. Probably new environment and also her waking up late today. The cot area is quite brightly lit and the children songs playing in the background was quite distracting for a baby. I didn't think she could fall asleep that easily.

Playing with Daddy. She was laughing hard but then I am always too slow to capture the shots.

Until she Pek Chek

With Mummy. Looks as if I'm nursing her right. But no lor she was struggling cuz too tired but refuse to fall asleep. I'm much fairer as compared to 4 months ago. Too much of staying indoors.

Activity time!

Taken by Daddy on his iphone.

Classic frowning face

And she finally fell asleep here!

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