Friday, April 2, 2010

Tea time with Mummy

For the longest time I've always wanted to this - Step inside a tea lounge on a weekday afternoon while everyone is busy at work and enjoy my afternoon tea with my close ones. When I finally had the chance to do it, it's with my little Darling. And the worst thing could have happened was 01): She fell asleep in the pram while we were on the way from MRT, 02) I didn't have a book with me. So there I was, staring into space. No one to talk to, no book to read. Boring right? Nevermind all that. Food was nice and it was quiet enough. Hate to go on weekends, super noisy and packed.

Little Darling sleeping soundly but for about 30-40min only.

While she was sleeping I had this super delicious Mushroom Open-face Sandwich. I don't know how they could make it taste soooo good!!! I could only make out portobello but I think there was another kind of mushroom as well. Mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, feta cheese, onions... with lots of olive oil. Was very good in the beginning but towards the middle I felt a bit sick of it, not to mention the too much of a meatless "sensation". If only Bean was old enough to share it with me...

That's the Mushroom Open-face Sandwich.


Also had the scones set but Bean had woken up (yeah! no more staring into space) so I was busy entertaining her and forgotten to snap a pic. Simply LOVE the scones there. Strawberry jam + cream is so so matchy matchy. Weird thing is when I asked for a refill of strawberry jam, I was told they ran out of it. Gave me marmalade. Pls! Marmalade + cream... total mismatch. Anyway I pity those ppl who ordered the scones after they ran out of strawberry jam. What joy is there when marmalade with scones?? Bean did get tiny bites of the scones. Think she liked it. Yeah give her anything on your plate she will eat it.

The day ended with some shopping of baby stuff (fabric book, doll, romper and hairbands) at Tangs and supermarketing at Isetan for coming week's meals. Great day as a poser tai-tai :)

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ferinesok said...

i want to go gai gai with bean too