Thursday, April 1, 2010

New purchases for little Xiang Ying

Yes, nothing for myself. It's always for my precious... Anyway we've been talking about a bigger bumper mat for XY for a while already since she can now sit up on her own and spin around. The most recent one: crawl. Just nice the seller at SMH going to raise the price in April so we might as well get it before it happens.

The new mat. Dimensions: 2100mm x 1400mm x 15mm. This thickness is much better than the previous one we bought. $165 with free delivery. Damn worth it... compared to the previous one. *shakes head*

The tiny living room just became more tiny with 2 mats lying side by side. Small one is 1400mm x 1000mm x 12mm. Think I mentioned the cost previously and we had to lug this heavy mat all the way from Paragon to Shaw Centre carpark!!!

Got this cute little doll for XY to snuggle (and bite!). Finally found something suitable. I hate those furry stuff which is prone to induce asthma and hard to clean (presume this can be machine-washed hehe). Those at Mothercare are too expensive so I was really glad to find this doll. On the right is a fabric book named "Peekaboo" :) Poor thing huh 8 months old then get the first fabric book. *LOL*

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