Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bean at Coffee Bean

Found a new place for breakfast that isn't too far away from home :)

A shot which Rine thinks is funny :))

Another one of Bean's classic look.

At this age she still doesn't realise it's self service at Coffee Bean. Think same name they serve you is it?

Classic laughter on the way home.

While watching her own video, Auntie Rine snapped pic of her.
Ya she is always very kan cheong when watching this video.

First time Auntie Rine saw her have her lunch and she gave face by finishing all!

* Pics credit of Rine on her iphone *


ferinesok said...

wah seh break record liao.
never been called auntie for more 5 times i think.
now suddenly more than 10...omg
ah yi or yiyi sound nicer rite?

pinkdewy said...

Why so bothered being called auntie by a baby? If talk in mandarin call yiyi la if talk in english call auntie ma

ferinesok said...

not by a baby.
is by a mama.
i dun mind if ur baby can call.