Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bean in trolley

We went to Fairprice grocery shopping 2 days in a row and so Beanie gets to sit in the trolley 2 days in a row. She enjoyed it a lot, especially when I pushed the trolley forward at high speed.

At the checkout area where she insisted want to take my NETS card.
Eeks! The gal simply puts anything and everything inside her mouth.

On the 2nd day... she got more familiar with the chain thing that is supposed to interlock with another trolley. Actually more than familiar since she has many "tastes" of it already when I wasn't looking. *LOL*

Getting annoyed when I disallowed her to continue "savouring" the wonders of the interlocking thing.

Sleepy by this time and slightly grouchy. Yeah good for me cuz she fell asleep almost immediately after I put her in her cot the moment we reached home.

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