Thursday, April 22, 2010

Xiang Ying has a new friend

Think I mentioned earlier that I got to know a very nice Mummy from SMH and we are both July Mummies. Our babies just 17 days apart. Adelle is born on the 13th while XY 30th. *remember my obsession with the digit 3?* LOL

Some outdated pics from last month - XY's and Adelle's first playdate at Adelle home at Coris about 1.5 months ago.

Little XY first time in Jumperoo. Um.. I think that's the name for it?

Girls staring at each other

Left side one looks so blur. Right side one forver so happy.

Adelle: "I'm 17 days older than you, XY. Che che sayang Mei mei."

Here's to sistahood! *Can the one on the left stop that blur look!*

Adelle has many educational toys...

Which kinda got XY interested.

Second playdate as well as meetup for lunch for both Mummies just few days ago. So glad to have someone same as me gotta reach home before 6pm to prepare the kid's dinner and wind down time. hehe... We were at this Japanese food court at City Square. The food was actually quite good and the place was desserted at the time we were there. Perfect setting for a slow lunch and lots of chatting.

The girl who is very very addicted to her pacifier.

* Above pics credit to Sherryl *

P/S: Anyone thinks that XY and Adelle look alike? We were at this Jap food court and the auntie who came to clear the utensils actually asked if they were twins! S and I were quite amused. I asked S why never ask the auntie so guess who is the one who gave birth. On 2nd thoughts, better not la. The auntie sure guess is me. *Just look at S petite frame*

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