Thursday, December 9, 2010

1st time at T3

This post is slightly behind times.

After Alden's birthday party, the family went to Expo to see the IT fair and Baby fair (I bumped into Sean Lau at the Baby fair who did XY's photoshoot and he commented both mama and baby looked very "hip" on that day. I wonder what does "hip" mean?) and I suggested to go T3 for dinner since we were nearby.

XY seemed hungry and it was running late so I fed her the homecooked porridge in the car on the way to airport. Surprisingly she ate without fuss and finished everything within 10min! Ok this proved that I was right about her being hungry. I jokingly told K next time she has eating problems I will say to him "Let's go to basement" and he should know what's going to happen. Meaning in future she got eating problem, we will go to carpark and put her inside carseat to feed. *LOL*

There isn't much pics taken at the airport but here's my favourite shot of her doing 危险动作 which pretty much pissed her Daddy off. Haha...

There really isn't much going on at T3. I was expecting much more but really, nothing much. Dinner was quite a nightmare (after so long I still remember). Out of the 3 dining outlets (Earle Swensen's, Crystal Jade and Xin Wang HK Cafe) we saw, all were having long Q. After Q-ing for Xin Wang for 15min, we finally gave up and look for other alternatives. Finally saw a desserted The Pasta Shop by Sakae Sushi. Not really keen to eat that but simply too tired and hungry to walk anymore. What a good and bad choice. Bad in terms of service. The shop space wasn't very big but there was only 3 wait staff, including 1 lady who was wearing a black blazer. I assume she is the captain. Ok captain also doing the same things as the other 2. So meaning only 3 staff doing everything from taking orders, serving, billing and clearing the tables. Um.. XY was very restless and cannot sit still on their swivel chair (which toddler can?) and they didn't have any available highchair. I think they have a total of 2 highchairs in the whole shop. So 1 of us was seated waiting for service and food and 1 had to bring her to the play area. She also ventured into a poor shop which stocked lots of children's stuff and toys. Poor shop cuz XY was inside touching and pulling lots of things and we had no intention to buy anything at all. And our food took forever to come. When it finally came, I was impressed! Very very nice meatball spaghetti. I don't order this much but their version was very nice. No time to take any pics. We were busy juggling the litte one and as usual we took turns to eat. Something quite amusing about 1 of the lady staff. I requested for 2 glasses of iced water. I could see she was very busy but I could only ask her since she was the only staff in sight. Requested twice and waited for long time but no water served to us. K said they probably don't serve it then but this wasn't conveyed to me. The lady agreed to serve me. So when I finally saw the guy staff I asked him again and he served to us immediately. I guess it's no one's fault. Probably someone resigned on the spot and hence very short staffed that night. And we witnessed an amusing scene. The captain was walking towards 1 of the tables with check on hand but when she looked up, the table was empty. The patrons had left without paying. Shocked right? But the captain wasn't very surprised. Nor did she look around. She just walked back into the kitchen. Me very bad. I told K maybe not the 1st time that day so she kinda used to it. Haha.

Here are some random videos taken that night...

1st one we have her acting bai ka (crippled). For don't know what reason she kept acting cannot stand up. K said lots of ppl looking but I continued filming.

Another precious one. She was roaming about happily till her beloved Daddy disappeared for smoke break and she turned back wanting to find him.

Going home time but couldn't resist playing "catching" behind a pillar.

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