Sunday, December 19, 2010

Recent cooks

I think my cooking for dinner enthusiasm has died down somehow. From 2 soups weekly down to only 1 soup... And I even stopped pan frying my meat. Just pop into the oven for less cleanup. Anyway I just can't miss sharing with my readers whatever simple meals the family had :)

For 1 of my lonely lunches, I made my own garlic bread and ate with canned mushroom soup. I resisted many times to buy off-the-shelf garlic spread cuz I don't know when I can ever finish the bottle (just like my jam and lemon curd!). Just nice saw Wokking Mum's blog on homemade garlic spread and I decided to try it. I didn't follow her recipe exactly but it wasn't difficult to do my own based on estimation. Baguette was from Fairprice Xtra at NEX. There is no Delifrance nearby and that is the next best solution. Cheap and good baguette. K was surprised garlic spread could be made in a mere 5min and another 5-8min of baking, we have hot and crispy garlic bread. Yes this happens to a man who don't step into the kitchen at all. I don't normally praise campbell soup (MSG laden) but the Wild Mushroom flavour was good.

My attempt at Japanese-inspired dinner. Again, I didn't want to buy Teriyaki sauce so I googled for recipes and somehow managed to get 1 which was easy and quite close to Teriyaki taste. Was a last minute decision so whatever was served was whatever I had in my freezer/fridge. Quite proud of my attempt :)

A close-up of Yakitori, mushrooms and mid joints. This is a trial run. I will make more next time.

Still had many slices of pineapple leftover from making pizza and what I do I with those? Pineapple rice! Hehe.. LP was visiting 1 of the weekdays after work so I decided to cook pineapple rice for her. Easy, no-brainer thing since I was using pre-packed sauce. Except that somehow the end product turned out a little wet. No idea why! Sorry no time to do nice presentation.

Stir-fried veggies to go along. Also served peanut lotus root soup (not pictured). This soup has become 1 of my favourite soup now :)

For supper 1 of the nights, we had instant noodles and baked fries. Do not be surprised to see me getting more and more meaty. Don't even attempt to look surprised when you see K's rounded tummy. He even sniggered at me for cooking 1 pack of noodles to share. He tells me he is undergoing another round of 发育时期, hence every night hungry even after a full dinner.

I'm really getting so domesticated that I feel sad to serve plain instant noodles. Must dig the fridge for more ingredients then happy. Die... I think I am obsessed...

So obsessed that I can't eat the fries as they are. Must season with salt, garlic powder and herbs then bake. Ok, another Wokking Mum inspiration to season fries.

Haha what do you think this bowl of brown thing looks like? Peanut porridge la. In fact it was cooked with peanut and chicken stock. Taste of course is good. As part of my frugality plan, I made this porridge. Um ok, maybe it sounds complicated but I'm too lazy to re-phrase my sentence. I bought a cheap roast chicken from Fairprice Xtra the day before. Cheap meaning it doesn't really taste good. K and me only ate the wings and thighs. Most of the breast meat were left and I found it very wasteful to dump it away so I kept it. Some parts of the chicken breast I shred it up, the rest of the chicken I used to boil stock with peanuts. After boiling for 2 hours, the stock is very tasty. Just remove the chicken and pour in the pre-soaked rice, boil and we have nice porridge :) Didn't even need to add any seasoning. It was tasty on it's own. So next time you have chicken leftover like us, don't throw it. Nice as it was, I didn't dare to let XY taste it eventhough she was coming to us at the dining table.

Food for the little one:

Old cucumber soup with chicken porridge and shredded chicken for her self-feed. Her favourite food in the world is chicken and soup so needless to say she enjoyed the meal very very much :)

1 of the good days I didn't have to cook her meal separately. Just soak some cooked rice in the soup we were having for a while (soaking softens the rice) and she can eat it. Of course she must have a side dish to go along - Steamed fish with broccoli.

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