Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

We didn't go for buffet feast this year. Just a small gathering with the girls and our partners at Punggol Park and we had a BBQ session on our self-made pit. Um very sadly I have no pics of the BBQ scene except for 1.

Very obvious who are the ppl doing most of the work. *Eating and running around not counted!*

This year we bought a set of Lego Duplo for the little one. This is good for her fine motor skills and hopefully can train her concentration span longer. Hope she enjoys playing with it though I'm very sure every night after she has gone to bed I will be the one picking up all pieces...

Following pics of her 1st encounter with Duplo :)

Guess what she was doing in this pic? There was a white fence thingy and she insisted it must be a comb and imitate the way I comb my hair.

Finally she started to dismantle piece by piece. It's supposed to be a good thing but I'm worried for myself about the picking up part.

And here's my present from K. Took me 1 look to fall in love with the bag and weeks of hinting, persuading and whining to buy it :)

Just love the circle quilted velour!

Yes yes born in the glamourous USA but not Made in USA...

No idea why this pic is self-rotated when I upload it on blogger.

I had something from JC last year for my Christmas present too. Maybe we should make it a yearly thing hehe :P


ferinesok said...

wa,..i like this bag too

pinkdewy said...

Want to borrow? hehe