Saturday, December 11, 2010

Xiang Ying plays with colourful hoops

Sometimes I can't help but think that my little girl has grown up. Remember the Fisher Price stacker hoops which she could not get it right 2 months ago? All this while we never knew she "secretly" mastered the skills till 1 fine afternoon I was cleaning the floor with Magic Clean swipes and just random picked up the toys lying around and place them on the bumper mat. After I was done with the cleaning, there stood in front of me the stacker, with the hoops in order. It wasn't me and K was at work so it definitely was XY's work. Shocked me and I didn't even notice when she stacked it! So I tried to lure her to do it again and tried to film it down but then not as easy as I thought. She simply anyhow stack for many times till finally she willing to stack correctly. So it's still a hit-miss, depending of her princess mood...

P/S: I texted K to tell him about it and he said must be coincidence. Last night when I was out, she did it again and now he is convinced :)

Video 1 shows her very happy of her achievement :)

Video 2, she seems like able to understand what mama was saying but I think that is a coincidence :P


Anonymous said...

hi, love reading your blog on your life with your family and little XiangYing. :) she's a sweet precious. btw, may i ask, where do you buy the millet that you feed her? I'm been going around trying to find but not sure where to get them? or which section of the supermart are they usually at? thanks very much!


pinkdewy said...

Hi yx :)

Great to hear from you.
How old is your little one? Sorry I wasn't very good at navigating your blog.

You can try the organic shop at paragon or novena square. Same shop. Sorry forgotten the name. haha memory failing. Some supermarket sells them but they run oos very fast.

pinkdewy said...

Oops sorry. Think I misunderstood about the baby part.

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks very much! will try to look for it when i do go there. :)

my blog is mostly written privately for friends' view only, so you'll need to create an account to actually view it. hence, it looks empty on the outside, sorries...

i have a 1 year old boy. :)