Sunday, December 5, 2010

Recent cooks

Not much of cooking recently and not much of nice presentation = nothing much worth posting. Anyway want to keep a record of what I had served for the family so there :)

Another experiment with pita bread base pizza. I used sausages and hard boiled egg. There wasn't really enough surface or space to lay the ingredients. Only 1 and a half pce of cocktail size sausage for 1 pizza but it was a good combination though.

Um.. more pizza experiments to come. I wasn't planning to cook dinner that night since K was attending a wedding dinner on that day. He was home to change before going. Surprisingly he requested for some food to temporary fill him up since typical wedding dinners start at almost 9pm. And so after rummaging my fridge, I decided to make pizza since it was the fastest and easiest thing to do.

Found a squeeze pizza sauce from Cold Storage. So happy with this. So easy to use.

I find this pita bread nicer than the one I got previously. Very soft and fluffy.

Ta-dah! With spinach and sausages pre-baked. My daughter was having spinach in her porridge for dinner and so I might as well use some of the greens right? Did not cook any green leafy veggies for weeks now.

The results was good. I think you can never go wrong with pizza. Anything goes. Really. Ok and I have to add here: AJ had 1 of these pizzas for my dinner and K had 1 BEFORE he went for wedding dinner. See how much he eats these days.

Poor mama is (still!!) having a bad throat which triggered a bad cough. My late mum used to make steamed apples for me since young whenever I had a cough. It is supposed to be nourishing for the lungs. Now that I have my own family I'm going to do the same. Except that I'm the only one in the family needing it haha...

Trying out my new sandwich maker. A manual one to be specific :)
(This is the result of surfing too much Singapore Motherhood Bulk Purchase forum. Widely known as SMH BP in the mummy's society.)
K saw my new toy but he doesn't question me about it. I guess he either resigned to fate (hopeless wife) or he rather pretend not to know about it.

Ok I couldn't get a good shot of the sandwich so this is about how good it can get. Nice right and not much of wastage. Just nice to get rid of the bread skin.
*Meanwhile my daughter is pretending to crawl in the background.*

See? AJ always makes good sandwiches for the husband but he is not appreciative at all. Always complaining don't like to eat breakfast.

Failure jacket potato. I was trying to make one but I think I baked for too long and hence it turned out like that. Should have made 1 to share with K. Mr Potato-hater only ate half and me too only ate half (I'm a small eater for my size). I like to make sure everything I cooked is finished up but this was an exception.

Mixed veggies with chicken fillet. Simplest cheater dish I could ever think of. Blanched broccoli and carrot tossed with a yummy japanese dressing and topped with supermarket-bought meat. I was checking out NEX in the day and so happened to see that the Fairprice Finest selling this and I tried some. Was good and decided to buy some back for dinner. This, the potato and a can of Borsch soup completed our dinner. AJ is so good with convenience food :))

As usual, I must show my readers what I came up with to feed my daughter.

Steam threadfin with tomatoes in miso paste.

I got sick of cooking threadfin. Imagine she eat the same fish for almost every meal? I felt bad to do that to her. I decided to switch back to red grouper which was anyway cheaper. And if only changing the type of fish but cooking the same style, it doesn't make much of an improvement right? So I tried out other possibilities. K tried a small nibble and he said it was DELICIOUS! (I am personally quite scared of fishy smell so I don't test the fish before feeding her.) My satisfaction in life has changed. It used to be every 25th of the month (salary), every Dec (AWS) or being praised by boss for doing the right job (That's a lie. It never happened for the past 3 years I was in Coperion. I was praised a lot only when I was in GEHC ok.) And now, simple things like K praising my cooking or even XY finishing up her meal would make me happy. Stepping on freshly wiped floor also makes me happy. Crazy isn't it? I know I cannot be doing this for the rest of my life but at this stage, pls let me enjoy the moment :)

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