Monday, December 6, 2010

NEX is our new Compass Point

Preparing to go out for lunch. Yeah no need to cook lunch cuz XY can eat Yoshinoya beef bowl now. She is still very obsessed with balloons and we bring home a balloon almost every trip out.

While XY was sleeping in the pram, mama took the train to NEX just to see just how good it is. Imagine the biggest mall in the NE and just 3 MRT stops away from us. How can AJ not check it out right?

Well she only managed to nap for 1hr in the pram but it was enough peace for me already. Cannot ask for too much right?

As usual my maternal instinct told me we have to go to the children's section at Isetan. Just as well since I had to get a gift for a friend's baby girl's full month party. Bought a sweet dress from Gingersnaps which I would very much love to buy for XY too but I did not. She has enough clothes for CNY already. So sensible AJ has become!

While mama was waiting at the cash counter for the gift to be wrapped, XY was free to roam about on her own. It's quite disastrous sometimes with her chiong-ing towards random shelves and picking random "stuff" which she is unwillingly to put it back. On this day, she did her usual thing. Picked something from the Avent shelf and run towards mama, wanted to pass to mama. There was this middle-aged auntie very cute. She held XY hands and signalled to me "keep quiet" just to test if XY willing to let her hold. And indeed XY let her. Even let her carry. Hahaha...

Then we went on to even more evil experiments. The lady let her grandson (I think) walk along with XY and hold her hand. So cute!!!

My god. So matching hor!

Evil mama even filmed it all down. Honestly they look so cute together. Even passers-by stopped to comment or stayed to watch :)

Just as we were leaving, I saw K's colleague's mum. I super like this auntie. Went over to their place for eating session twice and she's the most bubbly auntie I ever seen and so friendly too.

Second visit to NEX with K along this time. Dinner was very messy. Food Republic was so tiny that we don't think there was much hope in getting a seat. We just went to Mac Donald's which was quite deserted haha. He ate a meal but not me. I had a bad cough and bad throat so I fed XY her dinner which she wasn't very willing to eat. Hello french fries in front of her leh. So after they were settled, I saw a new Ramen shop - Ramen Play which had no Q and seemed pretty nice. This was my dinner. Nice. Also had a yakitori which was full of fats but I ate it all the same. Of course my little girl had some nibbles of the noodles and the chicken meat. To console her of something that happened while mama's eating and she and Daddy were outside the shop playing "catching".

Can you spot the tiny family in this pic? :)

So what happened earlier? Well while running to "catch" Daddy she fell on her face and had a real "Bualuku" on her forehead. I could even hear her cries inside the shop. To think that K always tells me to be extra careful when bringing her out!

Her new trick: Offer water to whoever near to her after she's done with her drink.

We were back again today! Nowhere to go and I didn't feel like cooking dinner so I suggested to have 鼎泰丰 which K won't reject the idea. His first love is 小笼包. He can eat more than 10pcs on top of the fried rice and other small dishes.

Little one of course enjoyed her dinner. She got to try everything we ordered, including the mixed pickle cold dish which was slightly spicy. And she loves the soup from the 小笼包 so much.

Oh and she yelled to drink K's tea. Strange huh likes tea taste at this age.

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