Sunday, February 13, 2011


Another trip to a heartland mall near to home. Yeah took the train to avoid parking issues.

The topic today is about hair. This pic is to show the girl in her "normal" hair state and yawning in tak-glam style.

See how much better she looks after Mama tied up her hair? I've been fantasizing how to tie up her hair for days and finally found a small shop selling cheap hair accessories and I had to do it immediately. *By cheap, I really mean it. 6 pcs of those shiny round clasp things cost $1.20 which makes each one $0.20.*

See? Even trying to be cheeky can look so cute.

This is the back. Hehe very pathetic few strands of hair but at least still can tie you see...

Crying also cute! She was running away from Daddy and banged against glass door hahaha.

Act cute also cuter! She loves climbing inside walker for fun. We were inside a shop selling kids' stuff and maternity clothing.

Back to her old-self when hair put down. Looking normal again. *She climbed up the marble stool on her own in the MRT platform. Garang or not?*

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