Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recent cooks

It will be solely Bean's meal pics this week. Why?? Because Mama and daughter ate the same food so there is no need to cook our meals separately!!! Hooray no need to wash extra pots and no need to kill brain cells to think of what to cook!!!

Cabbage stew over rice.

Another cabbage stew but with variations. The egg was still runny when I scooped the stew out but then it was too late so I gave it to her anyway. Another round of "boosting" her immune system hehehe...

This is my favourite combo - fried rice with cauliflower soup. I even cooked extra for K eventhough he already informed he will be home very very late.

Her first "Bento" dinner. She already had non-homecooked food for lunch so I packed this to go with us to NEX. 1 of the rare times she has meatless meals but I think it's nutritious enough since now she can bite better and I can introduce more variety of veggies to her. Not saying that meatless is not nutritious but I usually give her lots of fish and chicken in her diet to balance the nutrients.

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