Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dayout with Mama

Dayouts will be over soon before I realise it. That is, if I manage to find a job soon. Which, by the way, I have started applying for a few positions under Jobsdb. I should be more active you know but heck, I'll just laze around for 2 more days and buy the Sat papers for Recruit.

My sweetie in her new GAP dress. This was given by our nice Jap neighbour cuz her daughter couldn't fit in it and since it was a sale item, she didn't manage to exchange it for a bigger size. She was totally nice about it and refused payment from me. I'm not aware how much it is after sale price but definitely nowhere "cheap" like she mentioned. I've kept it for over a month now. Simply can't find any occasion to dress her in. This is the 1st time Bean is wearing black. Such a matured-looking dress... but I love it. By the way, she broke that nice "Daddy's Girl" brooch pin even before we left home. Sigh...

Bean with TV Garfield and Mama's beautiful nose. Do we have the same nose? :D

Posing outside ION.

"Innocent" look. Not bad. Got "magazine quality". Maybe can pose for United Colours of Benetton?? Ok, just kidding.

Fav pic of the day!!!! Dreamy eyes + mucus = perfect match. LOL Max!!!

Good top view pic which I'll try to take more often now.

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