Sunday, February 6, 2011

CNY: Day 2

As per usual, we always go to K's uncle's place on day 2. I've been going with K even before we were married (we dated almost 10yrs before marriage). Last year Bean was only a 6 month old baby and this year she could run around the whole house which left me quite breathless trying to catch up with her!

The family took a ride in the Mini Cooper of K's little cousin. Yeah, his uncle splurges on automobiles for all his 3 children. Anyway the folks wanted to play MJ and the youngest cousin was arrowed to buy the paper and it was ME who wanted to go with him. And K shamelessly followed. He lugged his daughter along.

The suaku ppl first time on board an open-top car!
So sunny...

Cousin Roy who is wayyyy too matured in his thinking for a 21 year old boy. I like him :)

The boys went to buy the MJ paper while Bean and me sat in the sun. That was the chance for me to adjust the white balance. Very nice. This is the real time colour.

On the way back, thankfully Roy put the "top" back. Actually the convenience store was just across the street. Hahaha.

How can I not picture the stairs which caused Miss Bean to be very obsessed about going and down repeatedly many times?

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