Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beanster Family Outing August 2010

Pls be contented that there is even an August outing. I forsee there won't be a Sept, Oct etc. I can only say 湘颖越大越坏蛋,带她出去很麻烦! Don't even talk about general behaviour. Just take yesterday's scenario to quote. We went out of the house at about 4pm+ whereby she was already showing signs of sleepiness. She fell asleep in my arms on my chest in during the car journey for 20min. Upon reaching the destination, I had to re-position her in order to put her in the pram and usually while doing this, she will wake up. Well, not usually. Is all the time. Somehow this girl, whenever she's asleep, no one should move her or she will wake up prematurely and not get back to sleep. And this was exactly what happened yesterday. Missing a afternoon nap is not such a big deal right? Yes, not really. But with the girl awake, we simply can't eat in peace. As mentioned before, no one can eat in peace with her around, including herself.

We went for early dinner as I was very hungry.

The girl in her pram for 1st 10min or so, contented with her Baby Bites. But this didn't last long. It was already considered good conduct that she even drank about 100ml of her milk. Strangely, she mostly rejects her milk feed while we were out so drinking that amount was a bonus already.

Dinner was at Vivo Food Republic 莆田. Was our first time at the famed 莆田.

Spinach with salted egg & century egg in supreme stock. I told K I shall attempt to make this at home.

Sweet and sour pork with lychees.

I think this is the Stewed potato chips. Not literally the tidbit potato chips. Is called 焖番薯粉条. A bit like 粿条 but more chewy and transparent.

Everything is nice here and I'm glad that we ordered only the above cuz the girl keep wanting to reach out for the table. After a while she got sick of her BB so K tried to give her some spinach which she kept yelling for more every 3 seconds. Put her in highchair also no use. She kept trying her best to stand up and attempt to pull whatever she could reach from the table. No amount of coaxing or reasoning worked. Ok, so I took the first shift by bringing her out for a walk while K could eat. When he had finished his portion, I went back to eat while he brought the girl out for a walk. Sounds very drama right? Yes, eversince some weeks back we already faced this problem that Bean can't sit still in highchair nor pram while we were eating so every meal time we had to gobble up our food as fast as we could so that we could leave the table and put her back to pram and stroll along. It was about 6pm+ so forget about her nap already. I went to Daiso to buy some stuff for kitchen while K strolled Bean. He called me about half an hour later for help for the girl was cranky. Ok, understandable cuz she missed her afternoon nap and the place was packed and noisy. So we found an empty space to give her her dinner. Tried 2 different places at 2 different intervals and all she ate was a few mouthfuls of porridge and siam-ed the rest. K got fed up and suggested that we go home. I agreed. It was so tiring to handle the girl by then. And I simply have to rant about the lousy diaper change facility at Vivo City. I know they have a standalone huge nursing room at level 2 (which by the way is kept out of sight to those who do not know of its existence) but we were nearer to the escalator so we thought ok go to the one at level 1. Mistake. It was out of order. The cleaning lady prompted us to go to the one located on level 3 same location space and so we went, only to find out the flaws of the lousy design. There was a mummy nursing her baby inside there and I thought I would bring Bean inside, quickly change her diaper and go off. I thought. Who knows her hubby showed me there was no way I could open up the changing table cuz that would just overlap and hit on the mummy and baby's head. Such a silly layout! I didn't bother to hide my impatient and pissed look. Not their fault anyway. Very tired by then but no choice, we had to go ALL the way to the nursing room at level 2. So just to change a diaper we actually walked around the whole mall. This made me even more dislike to go Vivo! On the route to carpark, another unpleasant encounter at Coffee Bean which I would not like to elaborate.

Bean was so tired that she fell asleep on the car journey back home. Luckily we managed to feed her most of her porridge when we reached home. Boy, now we really have a phobia to bring the girl out now.

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ferinesok said...

i oso went 莆田 lei,..2 days ago,..
but only tried the loh mee,..
can make it?
if good i wan bring my parents