Monday, August 2, 2010

Cooks last week

I realised I'm cooking lesser these days. Enthusiasm for cooking has died?? Anyway I won't miss to show what I have cooked. Still... *In Ris Low's tone* Hahaha can't get her slow response image off my mind.

1 of my lonely lunch. Tomato and vegetable soup with linguine. Happened to have cooked chicken soup the night before so I had the "luxury" of using real chicken soup as base instead of packed ones or just plain water. A bit of canned tomato sauce and diced veggies and I get a bowl of yummy soup for my lunch :)

What I did with the leftover can of tomato sauce? Made tomato sauce pasta for my following day's lunch. Topped with cod fingers (very nice ones) and golden garlic bits. Golden garlic bits is a fancy name for chopped garlic stir-fried till it turns colour and slightly crispy.

Hey I suddenly realised how "international" my lonely lunch has become. I have changed to short grain Australian rice recently after my packet of Healthy Rice finished. This one looks kind of Japanese inspired right? That's just plain rice mixed with egg and Jap rice seasoning. I even mixed in a little vinegar for good measure. Tasted a bit like sushi to me. K doesn't like it. Well, I wasn't planning to serve this to him but he happened to come back home during lunch time so I made an extra portion for him. I do like it myself :)

The rice seasoning I bought at Isetan supermarket the other day (on Mama's day out = no baby with me!). Packaging says 100g in Jap and 130g in English. Strange... I was lucky enough to bump into the sale cuz it's not available the whole time. I would surely buy 1 pack each time there were selling it. $17.50 per pack but I'm the only one eating it. Great with porridge too.

Korean 炸酱面. Finally opened the box of sauce to cook. Bought it some weeks ago at a Korean supermarket. Watched too much Korean drama and keep wanting to make the Korean version. Tasted quite ok except that I tweaked the recipe quite a bit. Used minced pork instead of diced pork. No zuchinni used. I 下手太重 on the bean paste so it's a tad too salty. Will try to improve it 1 or 2 weeks later.

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