Monday, August 23, 2010

Cooks this week

Was a bit mad about bacons this week...

Inspired by R's fb pics and could not help it but to make some for dinner. Too hungry that day and I had my dinner at 6pm!! K was back late that day. Luckily I didn't wait for him!

Made it again when my baby bro came over with his friend. Better presentation this time :)

Used enoki mushrooms instead of shimeiji. Both were equally good. Can't make this too often. Before I could clog my arteries, I think I clog the waistband of my underwear and bottoms first :(

Remember I cooked congee for my lonely lunch using the leftover stock last week? I promised to be hardworking this week right? 4 1/4 hrs to boil my chicken soya bean stock and another 1.5hrs to cook the congee! Even K agreed this was on similar standard with Crystal Jade's congee. Or maybe that was because I asked him repetitively yes or not? yes or not? yes or not? And he had to agree with me... Anyway for those ppl wondering why does CJ's congee taste so "creamy"? They use new crop rice. I did not use that but I used short grain rice which can also make the congee to have that consistency. Don't use normal Thai rice if you want it that way.

Steamed egg tofu with minced pork. The minced pork quite tough. Did I oversteam it or all lean meat that's why?

Veggie wasn't steamed together. I poured veggie with some sauce over the steamed dish. See AJ always like to do extra and end up have to wash extra frying pan. Btw, I take back my dislike for Shanghai Greens :)

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