Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mummy Jo turns 30!

Birthday cake from my dear hubby. This is the first time he ever bought me a cake ok. Nevermind which shop he got it from :)

Me and my little girl. I did not dress up nor tidy myself up (hair and makeup) as all we did was bought some dishes from the Zi Char downstairs up to eat. K did suggest to eat out but I thought of the 2 dine-outs we had last week. No one could eat in peace with the little one around so I'd rather eat at home. More comfortable.

Of course my little darling got to eat the cake. It was quite good actually :P

It was also our 3rd ROM anniversary but no presents, no flowers. Boohoo...


Peppermint Flowers said...

Happy Birthday! Mine's on the 5th! Heh heh. Wat a coincidence.


pinkdewy said...

Happy birthday too! Waiting for you to come back :)

pinkdewy said...

Well, mine's on the 3rd actually.