Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cooks this week

Again, very hardworking this week :)

It was a lazy afternoon on National Day and we had initially planned on buying lunch from downstairs but I had later on decided to make a simple lunch instead.

The lunch which K never hiam which means pass. Honestly this one should make those so-called 茶餐厅in Singapore ashamed for charging like $10++ on a bowl of instant noodles. The real ones in HK don't overcharge like that and they are even charging service and tax on that kind of food.

Korean grilled chicken. Why so fancy name? Cuz the chicken was marinated with Korean chilli paste. For a good 8 hours ok. The paste was very very salty. More salty than spicy but still good.

鱼翅瓜鸡汤. A bit of hassle to do it since I have to steam the shark's fin melon separately, shred it and boil it in the soup. Well worth the effort cuz little XY loves it so much :) Notice the corn which has a mixture of white and yellow tones? I think it is called pearl corn. Not always available but I was lucky that they have it on the day I do my marketing. Super sweet and juicy!

A dinner of fried rice and a glamourly dressed up dish.

晴记XO炒饭 (See I am so innovative. Don't think that staying home makes my brain mouldy ok). I have to perfect my fried rice cuz you know why? My husband adores the fried rice at the zi char stall downstairs so much that sometimes when I announced not cooking dinner, he will be so happy and immediately say want to eat the fried rice. How sad can it be when I always think that I cook a decent enough dinner??

I swear it looks quite like 盐酥鸡from afar... But it's just Tulip luncheon meat. I coat those with corn flour before frying to make it look nicer. Tulip is much nicer than SPAM.

炸云吞. Pic says all...

I also made the boiled version. To tell the truth, I overstuffed it and it feels like eating meatballs or a lump of lean meat. Not very tasty at all.

The shredded chicken mushroom noodles to go with the wantons. Soup not pictured.

What did I do with the leftover soya bean and chicken stock that I boiled for the wanton noodles? As usual, I kept the stock for my next meal like I always did with other soups. As I spent over 3 hours to simmer my soups, I find it a waste if I only cook it enough for 1 meal so I do make extra. This time round instead of making noodle soup with the stock, I made congee. Below shown is the finished product and I must say I am most proud of myself. This is the MOST delicious congee I ever eaten besides the Crystal Jade one. Ok ok I know self praise is no praise but I can't hide it when it's nice right? :D This was for my lonely lunch and it was the best lonely lunch I had in ages.

I'll have to be hardworking to boil the stock early in the day and then use the stock to cook the congee for K one of these days. He will be so impressed with me!

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