Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cooks this week

Super hardworking this week. Cooked 4 dinners from Monday to Saturday. Only 1 night dabao-ed from zi char and 1 night dinner at Father's place. This is getting scary man. I am so addicted to cooking now. Although quite tempted to keep up with the eating-at-home thing, I decided Sunday should be my rest day. Cooking is not that difficult but the 1-1.5hour washing up part is so tiring.

All new dishes this week :)

Fried wanton. Minced pork and prawn filling. I had always steer clear of deep frying, thinking that the kitchen will be very oily after cooking but then I realised that deep frying doesn't require that much oil and whether deep frying or not, the kitchen is oily anyway after every cooking session. And so came my impromptu fried wantons. Not too bad for first attempt although I can't grab very well the temperature of oil yet. Oil should be very very hot (at least 180deg) before dipping the food inside.

Before frying. There was only 15pcs of wanton skin in a pack and I thought there was a lot inside there. *LOL* Filling consists of $2+ or $3 of minced pork and 9 large prawns. Just nice for 16 pcs. The remaining filling for 1 pce I just fried it on its own since just short of 1 pce skin.

Potato Eggs. Leant this in my secondary school days. I don't have the recipe scrapbook with me now but still vaguely remember how to do it. I still recall this dish was applied during the meal-planning for "Rechauffe" topic - meaning to use leftover ingredients to make a dish. I remembered using flaked fried fish which was leftover from previous night's dinner when I practised this at home in Sec 4. Now that I don't have leftover food, I tweaked it a bit by using fish paste. Just mash fish paste (supermarket bought) with potato and cover it over a hard boiled egg, coated with breadcrumbs and they are ready to be cooked.

Overall is fine except that the paste was not very sticky to the hard boiled egg. Maybe I have to dust the egg with a bit of flour before coating the paste? Should have taken a pic of the before cooked look :)

Tried to make a wasabi mayo (to practise for a later dish) for the Potato Egg dip.

Grilled corn on the cob on my flat grill pan. Got the idea off Wokking Mum. Very easy to make but very surprisingly sweet and tasty! Big thank you to Wokking Mum :))

Ah now comes the 制作过程of my next dish. As you know Mediacorp always has a time slot for their 大制作so I must also do something like that to keep my readership up. Clever or not?

Ok forgotten to snap pics of the earlier part where I started by mashing up fish paste with 1 tube egg tofu. Concept is again from Wokking Mum. She is now officially my "silent kitchen aid". After mashing, I put the mixture into a oiled dish to steam till cooked. Slide it out and cut into smaller pcs when it is cooled.

Then I fried the fish tofu on all sides till golden brown. Yes, it has transformed to Fish Tofu by now.

Done and draining on kitchen paper. Sorry for bad lighting and angle. Everything around was oily and I was rushing for time.

Ta dah! A dish of fish tofu with assorted vegetables. It was rather troublesome to do the mashing/steaming/frying part but it was all worth it when the husband said "Hey not enough of the fish tofu leh" :) Another reason why this dish is so delicious, cuz I used much more oil than usual. If you happen to see the amount of oil used to fry the fish tofu (above), yes after removing those, I used the existing oil to stir-fry the veggies. Now I know why the food outside tastes so good. Cuz they use A LOT of oil. Imagine I already used a considerably big amount of oil and yet there isn't a layer of oil to be seen in the gravy itself. I used Emporer Shitake mushrooms. Very very nice. I don't know if I can go back to regular shitakes after this. Hehe...

My most colourful dish to date :P
As usual I solo-ed the red pepper and celery. K won't touch the veggies he doesn't like.

Bought a bottle of Woh Hup XO sauce by mistake. The supermarket put the box at the wrong price tag so I ended paying $11.50 for a sauce that I thought costs $4+. That resulted in a very delicious plate of veggies. Was planning to use asparagus instead of 奶白but when I returned to the cold section, it was all sold out. No need to ask. I am surely going to buy asparagus next week.

重头戏终于上场了! Wasabi mayo prawns!

Got this recipe from Noob Cook which I think she got it from Asiaone and Asiaone got it from Tung Lok cookbook. Fairly easy dish except for the deshelling and deveining part. I always get my finger scratched by the prawn shell :(

Dip the prawns in egg white and coat with corn flour and fry. I think the way I coat not very well or oil not hot enough (again). Noob Cook's ones turn out very nice. Half a kg prawns here, 16 pcs. Well just $7 for half a kg prawns which is soooo much cheaper than eating outside.

Got the correct wasabi mayo this time round. Didn't know condense milk was 1 of the ingredients for it.

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