Sunday, August 17, 2008

And so... just how much did we pull together for all that fuss?

My Dear Sis linked our blog to hers some time ago and some of her buddies been popping by.
A big HELLO to you guys :)

The initial idea Hubs set up this blog is to track our renovations progress but I took over and posted a lot of personal stuff instead.
When Hubs protested, I told him this is also part of our "Atrina Journey" :P
Along the way, we posted a lot reference on where to buy what and the prices we paid.
One of Sis' very dear friend Lina is going to start on her renovation soon so she wanted some reference and I'm going to post here how much we spent on it all.
Pls bear with this pic-less post :)

Renovation cost: $28,800
This costs covers a lot of items but I'm too lazy to list out everything in the quote.
Briefly, it covers:
- System 3 Toshiba airconditioner (non-inverter) for the 3 bedrooms
- Paintworks (unlimited colour)
- 11 feet TV console with full length feature wall covered in choice of Goodrich wallpaper
- Feature wall for household shelter cum shoe cabinet with 2 pcs mirror and faux leather cushion for doors
- Raised cushion settee at bay window
- 12 feet (I think) suspended study table
- 6 feet sliding door wardrobe in spare room
- 5 feet casement wardrobe in MBR
- Customised 8 feet headboard in fabric with Goodrich wallpaper on 1 wall in MBR complete with suspended side tables
- Mosiac tiles in MBR bathroom for mirror backdrop
- All mirrors that can be seen
- Whole kitchen cabinet inclusive of hood, hob and built-in oven
- False ceiling at living room
- Glass shower screen in MBR bathroom
- Glass casement door for kitchen
- Installation of accessories

That's all I can remember offhand.
Do note that our unit is a brand new premium unit and all flooring and bathrooms done up.
It would have caused more to do up re-sale units.
No hacking done. We were happy to use the default flooring.


Slumberland Queen size mattress: $3899 (Harvey Norman)
Matching Divan: $655 (special discount for the set. Harvey Norman)
Dining table: $1300 (Furniture Mall)
Dining chairs and coffee table: $ not sure if appropriate to disclose (SoHo Living)
Fabric sofa: $1050 (Siang Yang at Furniture Mall)
Curtains: $1469 (Jimmy Textiles at Joo Chiat Complex)


JVC 42" Full HD TV complete with 5.1 Home Theatre System: $3288 (IT Show) - $200 Taka voucher thrown in
Electrolux vacuum cleaner: $150 (pre-owned by D)
Hitachi Refrigerator, Electrolux washer & Novita garment steamer: $2019 (package price from Harvey Norman) - You can bargain price with HN staff and they are happy to match HDB shops prices
Philips iron: $77 (staff discount from Y's dad)
Tefal steamer: BD pressie from Sis
Ceiling fan: $600 (Elmark) - We got an export model but average price is ard $200 for local models
Ariston storage heater: $xx (pre-owned by D) - We paid her a small sum which included some lightings


Bedsheet (2 sets) and comforter: $390 (Robinsons) - Ours is expensive as we got a 16" mattress and not all brands make it
Lighting: $961 (Light craft and a shop in Jalan Besar) - Ours is considered cheap compared to most ppl. We saved by using some of D's pre-owned
Cooking/dining/kitchen ware: About $600 (Tangs, Robinsons, Isetan, Taka)
Ceramic kitchen sink: $320 (Poh Joo) Great place for buy taps, sinks
Mixer for sink: $185 (Ditto)
WINK decal: $69 (

That is all for now and we still have not gone major shopping at IKEA for more miscellaneous items yet.
Still lacking 2 computer chairs, mat for protecting parquet flooring in study room, 2 bookshelves and maybe a rug for living room.
Next next payday. Perhaps.


mad lynette said...

kekeke! thanks for this long await blog entry....:) i am so bookmarking it ...

Lina said...

Your house look great! Could you share with me your ID contacts plsss... Thanks!