Monday, August 11, 2008

New chill out place found!

Location: 211 Roof Terrace

We were attracted to the open roof top concept.
Except for Al Dente at Esplanade, I have never come across another roof top dining place.
We were there at about 5pm on a Sunday and we were the only ones since a few diners left after their afternoon tea.

This auntie very proud of her new buy.
Copy me buy Miffy. Chey act cute.

To utilise the DBS 1 for 1 offer, we had to order a drink each.

D's Iced Mocha with scoop of vanilla ice cream and my pot of hot Earl Gray tea.
The mocha was very rich. We like it.
Tea was not of good quality. Bakerzin and TCC serves better tea.

D wanted Spicy Chicken Wings for starters. $9.80.

6 pcs of 3 mid joints and 3 drumlets each is very expensive I think.
Not very impressive and we couldn't finish it even after mains have been served for a long time.
I like the accompanied veggies but was too little.

My order of main course: Batter Fish with potato wedges and aglio olio. $24.
Pretty strange combination but it had everything I like.

Results: Very mediocre batter.
Never tasted such hard batter. Was hard more than crispy.
Can't finish it too. Too oily. I finished the veggies though.

D's Spaghetti Vongole. $16. We got this FOC using the DBS promotion.

The way I took the pic makes the clams (was it? Sorry I'm bad at naming seafood) look huge.
According to her, no taste at all.
Had to keep downing Tobasco sauce.
Some of the clam shells does not open.
Indication that those were not fresh?
I don't take any kind of shellfish so I'm not a good judge.

We were too full for any dessert after this fattening and greasy meal.
So we just sat around to enjoy the nice ambience.
Total bill came up to be $53 after the discount and taxes.
Although the food is disappointing but I'll still be back for drinks and dessert next time round.
Bring Hubs see nice place :)

Pic taken by the waiter.
Not very nice but it shows the nice background of the premises.
FM93.3 DJ was at the next table next to us.
She's very pretty. Too bad I don't like her or I'll take a pic with her.
I love to listen to her morning show though... but it's her partner I love.
Like his way of presenting and he's so good at suan-ning ppl (in a good way).
Never fail to brighten my morning up.
But I can only enjoy my 25min every morning cuz I have to go off for work at 825am.
No FM walkman la.


Gonza40 said...

Where to get the Miffy bag? I like Miffy too!! =)

pinkdewy said...

Holland V shopping centre 3rd level, there's a small shop selling lifestyle products. Not much of Miffy now. You can try your luck say 1-2 months later see if they replenish new stock?