Monday, August 18, 2008

A weekend of nothing yet full of pictures

A super random post.
Pls skip this if you are looking for content.


Cooked this new dish for D for Fri dinner cuz Hubs is working late and meeting some friends after that.
Used Teriyaki sauce to simmer mid-joint wings.

I think it's pretty good. D thought It's hard to make but it's actually super easy.
So easy that I feel embarassed to say it.

Next dish: Steamed tofu with mixed mushrooms.
I'll need to work harder on presentation for this dish.

I steamed the tofu for abt 10min then slice it and lay on the plate.
Stir-fried 3 different types of mushrooms (Shitake, Shimeiji and Enoki) with 花雕酒 and light soya sauce.
Pour the mushrooms + sauce over the tofu. Another easy dish.
D loved it.


Robinsons parcel arrived early Sat morning while we still sleeping.
Needless to say Hubs was appointed to open the door to receive it :P

I love to do the unpacking.

Contents in Box 1:

Unpacked to reveal Lock & Lock boxes and my Tanyu pot.
I love this pot. Mum uses this lots at home to cook yummy soup.
Believe it or not, soups tastes exceptionally good using Tanyu pot.

Ok I did a really auntie thing to prepare the pot for usage.
The modern way is to boil a big pot of water in it. That's it.
But I boiled a whole pot of porridge instead of water. Porridge of course cannot be eaten la.
I prefer the traditional way.. hehe I'm not called Auntie Jo for nothing hor.

The real challenge is in the next box.
Selection of cockery picked by me!

I really have to salute the packing staff. Shrink-wrapped each item so densely.
Took me a loooong time to unpack each and every pce.
Hubs said I should use scissors to cut away everything to save time.
But the fun is in the unpacking. For me at least.

For a starter set, I think it's pretty good.
My favourite Patra label. NOT Prata hor.

See what the packing guy did to our environment?
A few plates can use so much shrink wrap.


Ok. So I already said this is a random post.
You can leave already if you really find it pointless because I'm finding it pointless too but I can't stop.
Try to stop an Auntie when she'e blabbering. See successful or not.
Wanna introduce 1 of my best buys recently: Rice container.
You say, what's so special about that? Every household owns one.
Ya maybe yours is nothing special. Mummy's also nothing special.
BUT mine is, ok.

This is how ordinary it looks. Never judge a book by it's cover.

Side view. So funny right? Container also must take side view.

The rice level indicator.
Isn't it cool? Not like those old-fashioned Bi Tang (Hokkien for 米桶) which I don't think has any indicator.

*Yawn* Open up still so ordinary. Faster finish leh.

Ha, there's a secret compartment inside.
You can slide the little drawer this side or keep it other side to hide it.

The little cup makes it easy to measure the rice.
After using, just keep little cup in the drawer.

I'm so proud of my new buy. And it's not expensive. $15.90 from Metro Compasspoint.

We have not found a really nice glass pitcher yet (must be more than 2 litres) so I brought over a glass container Mummy finished her juice from.
Hubs hates it cuz it's too squeezie for the fridge side door compartment but what choice do we have now?

Since I had half the Sat afternoon to myself, I decided to clean things up a bit.
Finally removed the wrapper of the hanging light in MBR.
Think there's still a layer of plastic inside but too high for me to reach.
*Think someone already knows what I mean right?* *wink wink*

Sat dinner was at Bakerzin.
Wanted to utilise my bd voucher.

My first time trying the steamed milk with rose petals.
It came with hazelnut syrup as well.
So nice!

My silly old man had the Assam prawn with rice.
Was surprising nice but not enough for his huge tummy la.
He told me to cook the same dish for him soon.
Ok, small challenge for me. I can search for the receipe no problem :)

I had the Steak and Mushroom sandwich.
Really good as well. Tastes like BK mushroom swiss but meat is much juicier.

Huge portion of mushrooms. I could finish the bread.
How nice if only they served it with side fries. That would have made it my day.

Complimentary chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice-cream.
That's what we came here for!
The nice thing about the service staff is, they didn't even ask to see my I/C and gave us the discount and complimentary cake.
Daniel Tay must be a good boss and not the 斤斤计较 kind.
No wonder the staff all quite cheerful one.

Hubs also wanted me to replicate this cake.
Ok, pls sponsor my Shermay Lee class then you get to eat it.
And also not sure our Aw-ta oven can make it or not.

Bought this pair of nice wedges after dinner.


Watched the Table Tennis finals at SK and dinner was 出钱一丁instant noodles.
I thought finally can cook simple but fry the luncheon meat made the kitchen oily and that meant I still had to wipe the floor after cooking. No escape.
Luckily I already reached the stage don't clean the hood filter after each cooking session.

While watching the match, I realised my AK can be seen in another view!
So happy that I had to capture a shot of it.

Then I thought of something that made me damn angry and felt like (not the first time I thought this way) skinning that Fat Guy alive.

Just see how ugly it's done.
Beyond words fugly.
Round, not round. Line, jagged. Ending part not a full line. Like a funny diminishing tail.
The pic is quite blur but what's the point of re-taking something that's not even even in the first place?

Felt sick to think of it but every morning apply sunblock sure see the uneveness.
And he got the cheek to tell me it's due to I kept struggling then it turned out this way.
Stop crapping me can? Not that I don't love you but I hate that irresponsible guy for doing such a crap job and not admitting it.
Oh and I'm trying to physco this husband of mine to get a matching one below the neck, which is low enough to be covered by clothes and he's not budging.
Tiny one cause I'm so scared of that pain still.
My dear bro seems more interested than him.
How to get him do it huh? Hm... our 9th anniversary coming hor.
Maybe this can be our 9th year memory?

In case someone ones to buy me a 9th yr pressie, is on my wishlist right now.
Gordon Ramsey is my current 偶像. *love*


noobcook said...

wow, you are really cooking well... the dishes got me drooling ;)

And I love your crockery too... so jealous... I love white cutlery!

U know what, we have the exact same rice container... hee

pinkdewy said...

Haha I wish I were. I'm just going to move in my new home that's why I'm getting all new crockery :)
I'm not staying there yet.

Isn't the rice container really nice? I'm so proud of it now.