Monday, August 4, 2008

Yet another Fri at Atrina (Updated 05/08/08)

Our dinner which took me a little over an hour to cook.
Rice with stir fried lettuce and honey/dark soy sauce baked chicken wings.
My first attempt at baked chicken wings.
Missed to glaze all over with oil thus resulting the chicken skin to peel when flipping over.
Not that I want to boast but it tasted very good!

While we were eating, H came over to deliver the mirror for the left side of the TV console.
This was not in the original plan. Added on later part.

I think it's pretty but not so matchy with the clear glass on the right hand side of the console.

Saturday breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, tomatoes, hotdog and garden salad.
Croutons and dressing from Carl's Jr.

Got a surprise in the letterbox after breakfast.
Our outstanding balance was -$95.00!

Finally can praise the PAP for once.
$95 can offset our bill for 2 months I think.
Btw, our bill seems high since we only stay over once a week.

My scrambled kinda overcooked.
Thanks to Jeanne for her useful tips.
Will try to make a better one this Sat :)

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