Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another attempt at Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Ok, so the amateur me decided to venture into something else besides the boring rice dishes.
I chose to make Carbonara after seeing a short clip on youtube.
Gosh, didn't realise it's so easy and time saving -
Compared to the 1.5-2hr preparation + cooking time for my usual dishes.

Not too much descriptions needed since this is an easy dish.
All ingredients leftover from first attempt on Monday, except for broccoli.

Step 1: Fry the bacon cubes in pan, stirring occasionally.
Made the mistake of throwing in ALL the bacon. Half should be enough actually.
I added a teaspoon of magarine (as if not fatty enough!) but you could do without it if you don't wanna clog your arteries like me.

Step 2: Prepare a pot for boiling the pasta.
Mum bought me a pasta pot but it's not at SK yet so clever me decided to use my newly bought WMF 16cm circumference steamer.

Steamer tier

Step 3: I decided to improvise by adding broccoli.
Boiled broccoli set aside

Step 4: Using the same water, boil the pasta without cover.
Add 1-2 teaspoon salt. Some say add oil but I usually don't see the need.
The packaging says 6min so I boiled for 5min. I was using Vermicelli.
Ok Al Dente doesn't work for me. I don't know how to appreciate that.

Step 5: Remove bacon from heat.

I overdone it cuz keep thinking want to fry till the fats gone but became too brown.
I added some chopped garlic when almost done. I love garlic.

Step 6: Beat 2 eggs in a big glass mixing bowl.
Add 3 tablespoon shredded Parmesean cheese.
I get the shredded pack from supermarket.
Add whipping cream and pepper/salt to taste.
Set aside.
Forgot to take pic cuz rushing the mixture.

Step 7: After that 5min, remove pot from heat and pour into the steamer tier.
I hate using the metal sifter to scoop the pasta so we do it this way.
Hubs pouring and me holding.
Bear with it till the real pasta pot comes ok :)

Easy does it.

Step 8: Put all the cooked ingredients into the mixing bowl and toss.
Wanted to take a pic of that but it looks really messy and ugly so skip to next step.

Step 9: Dinner is served!

My proud creation.

Sprinkle some Parmesan cheese if desired.
I thought the first attempted tasted better but Hubs preferred this one.

Can't find the video which I learned from but this is definitely a good one.

This is worth a watch as well.

Next to come:
Gordon Ramsey style scrambled eggs


noobcook said...

I love one dish pasta meals too - they are time savers ;)

Carbonara is still something I'm practising ... my previous attempts aren't very good -_-

I'm using WMF pots too, hee

btw, could u allow non google/open ID comment posting?

pinkdewy said...

Hi, thanks for popping by. I think you could post by Open ID?