Sunday, August 10, 2008

What's on Auntie Jo's new menu

Took an impromtu half day leave on Fri.
Nothing particularly important but Fri is always too short for me since I have to buy the groceries after work and cook for Hubs at SK.
So, I went for an hour long massage at Spa Elements before getting down to do the groceries chore.
The massuere was very good with the right amount of pressure.
Except that she kept persuading me to purchase a bottle of massage oil.
Said that it makes more sense to purchase a bottle than to pay per usage.
Ended up she walked in and out the room several times and THAT ate into my 60min session.
I realised she stopped 5min earlier to apply powder for me.
I was really starting to enjoy that rhythm and nearly falling asleep when she woke me up and applied powder on me.
That was when I realised she stopped 5min before actual time and spent it on applying powder!
I feedback to the consultant they should not do that again in future.

Ok. You must be thinking why my post has got nothing to do with my header.
Here you go:

Ketchup Tiger Prawn. Hue too strong here.

My first attempt and I would say it's GOOD! Proud :)))
Price of the prawns put me off at first.
About $13 for 10 prawns but the size is med-large.

See close-up. I think the sauce tastes almost like Chilli Crab.
Too bad someone dunno how to appreciate the sauce :(

Veggie stew with egg tofu on my new mini claypot.
I love the claypot. Cheap cheap $19.90 from BHG (ex-Seiyu).
But it's too small till I can't put in the whole cabbage and can't add the mushrooms at all.

Recipe taken from:
I printed out the recipe but forgot to bring it home with me so all cooking done based on memory and estimation.

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noobcook said...

Hey... thanks for leaving me such a nice note ^^ I'm glad u like the prawns... wow $13 is pretty pricey for 10 prawns... but I love bigger prawns because they are cleaner and tastier, heh ...