Friday, October 30, 2009

My 3 month old baby

Yes yes she's 3 months old now. 13 weeks and 1 day to be exact.
And no. She can't flip yet. Almost and about to can?
Were out to my Dad's place most of today so no pics taken.
Some update pics taken 1-2 days before.

I wanna kick my Mummy (left leg)

To be fair to my right leg, I must utilise it!

In case you didn't realise, I can box as well.

Come on, I'm waiting.

Satisfied after her little "exercise" session.

Exploring her little Safari. Not really interested though.
I put her this direction, she can wriggle her way out of the tunnel... hehe

This is for Frau Anna.
Das ist mein Milch.
Practising my rusty German. Phew... can only manage ONE short sentence and I don't even know correct or not? Haha...
About 4 litres here.
Oh and also for Ah Lim. Don't worry still have. Can thaw anytime you want *LOL*.

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