Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My new toy!

Pram? Oh yes we have a pram. A hot pink Combi one.
It's very useful on days when I'm taking a train to places which have direct access via MRT or for longer time away from home. However, it is so not practical when I'm alone at home and I want to go back to my Dad's place cuz it requires me to change to a short bus ride after taking the train. I can't be possibly lugging the pram up the bus right? Even if I wanna take a cab ride by myself, it's also tough to bring the pram. Therefore I thought "Hey why not get a sarong sling which is so versatile (can carry baby multiple ways and can be used for nursing) and seems so easy to use". So, down I went to MIM showroom at Jalan Pemimpin and got myself one in Cotton Sateen complete with instructions in a DVD. Well, it seemed a breeze to use it when the nice lady showed me the steps using a doll. When I came back, I sort of forgetten how to deal with the rings. It doesn't help even after watching the video repeatedly for about 5 times. So far we have succeeded bringing baby out in the sarong TWICE! Once to the GP clinic downstairs (which we promptly removed upon reaching) and once in the car ride to Dad's place (I was nursing her at that time). That's it. I give up on the sarong sling. Too lazy to learn the proper way to use it.

Few days ago I stumbled upon a baby pouch by Pupsik Studio. Ok I'll admit it. The colourful prints attracted me more than anything else and I saw a review on on how easy this was to use. I couldn't wait any longer. Went to Mothercare to buy it the very next day. It's really easy!!! To be fair, MIM also has a similar product but the lady at the showroom advised me it makes more sense to get the sarong sling since it's "free-size" while the pouch has a sizing which means the pouch can only be used by a person same size as me = Daddy can't use it. After purchasing the Pupsik pouch, I realised it doesn't matter if Daddy can't use it cuz he will use the pram anyway and also, he does not bring baby out without me!

This is the print that attracted me so much. Such a cheery print.

I considered getting it in this print as well.

But... I ended up choosing the boring solid colour. Yes, I'm a boring person *yawn* and no matter how hard I try, I will still end up with pink. Pink rompers, mittens, everything. I'm pink-ed out :P But you'll have to agree this shade of pink is nice.

Yeah! So happy after buying. Can't wait to use it.

Beginner me trying to use it.

Side view. I can't use it very well yet. Can't wait for Princess to turn 4 months then I can carry her in "Kangaroo style" which is exactly what the model is demostrating.

In fact the pouch is so good that I ditched the pram and went for lunch with D today with the pouch. Can you imagine I ate my lunch while Princess sleeping inside the pouch? Kind of awkward but do-able. Mistake lor cuz my shoulders ache after carrying her for a few hours. So I guess it's not really wise to use the pouch if I plan to be out for more than a few hours. Cannot try on clothes also. Best to use on shorter journeys.

The next carrier I'm aiming is this one. Ergo cloth carrier. So ergonomical. Haha only one baby so many carriers for what?

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kawaii_jas's collection - Jas said...

hi, you may wanna consider/try Beco. I love it!! ;) My fren has back pain with ergo when the bb is getting older.