Monday, October 19, 2009

Slight improvement

Now, I really don't want to whine or be under the impression that I'm so obsessed with nursing or breastfeeding my child. I merely wanted to carry out my duty as a mother and giving my child what I feel is the most beneficial to her at this moment. I'm not saying mothers who don't breastfeed their babies are not giving them the best. It's not true. Every mummy has their own way of showing their love to their children. For me, I've been wanting to do it even before I got pregnant. Highly influenced by my late mum and also during my pregnancy, ppl around me (including the lactation consultant and parent craft instructor) have been introducing the benefits of breastfeeding. In fact 1 of the benefits is the close bonding with the baby as we have skin to skin contact and of course another benefit is lesser use of bottles = less work to heat up ebm and less work to sterilise the bottles. Not forgetting lesser pumping sessions *LOL*. Can't say I'm really desperate or her to nurse but I wanted to keep trying till since I'm with her most of the time now. It took me a good 5 weeks before she is able to latch properly and the "real" time she was on total latch was only 1 week at most. That was around say, around week 8 of her life? Rest of the time she prefers the bottle.

Anyway to update, Princess decided to nurse again this morning at 530am. I was surprised and contented. Then I'm here again in the study room pumping the other side. Woohoo! Yielded almost 100ml. *claps* As hubby suggested to me, call up the lactation consultant at Mount A and ask for help. If all else fails, don't despair and don't be depressed. At least I tried my best and had been able to latch her directly for a period of time already. Giving baby EBM is just as good. My initial goal is to give her bm for at least 6 months but now I'm not setting a goal. I'll try to give for as long as my supply lasts. Right now I'm pretty contented with 11 weeks+.

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