Sunday, October 18, 2009

Princess don't want Mummy anymore!

Sadness!!! Although I'm already used to my baby to nurse in the daytime, I feel so dejected when she even refuses to nurse for her night feed. It's the 3rd night in a row she's been refusing and she's crying out so loudly that hubby who is usually able to sleep through the night awaken by her cries. I've been bottle feeding her with EBM 80% of the time but still feeling slightly consoled that she's willing to nurse at least 1-2 times a day. Now she doesn't even wanna give me the chance for that miserable 1 time!

What I just did at 545am: Heat up a bottle of EBM, feed her and pump both sides (If she nurses, then I only have to pump 1 side). Really don't know what I can do to "want" Mummy again. Yesterday during her afternoon nap, I was able to nurse her in the reclining position but soon after a while, I realised she wasn't drinking. She was merely suckling for comfort and I didn't even mind that. But then I think she does not even want to comfort nurse now.

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