Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stuff from

All thanks to Mummy Jas, my baby stuff arrived so promptly!
* I love sprees :) *

My new diaper bag from JJ Coles. It's called the Tactic Changing Purse.
Yes, my idea of diaper bag is compact. I don't see the need of the big and bulky one (yet).
I love the changing mat that came with it.
I can fit in 2pcs diapers, 1 change of clothing, wet wipes, 1 bottle of milk and of course the changing mat. Perfect for short outings to parents' home or short shopping trips. But then again I never leave home for a duration of over 5-6hours a stretch these days (fear of engorgement and leaking). To fit in the bottle is kinda packed so I sometimes put the bottle in my own bag. I usually bring at least 2 feeds worth of milk anyway. Oh... just to clarify, I'm Eping (exclusive pumping) 80% of the time. Princess only "agrees" to nursing during night feeds or morning feeds. There's also a compartment for me to put my small purse. For a run to our neighbourhood mall, I'll just throw my stuff in that compartment and I don't need to carry an additional bag.

This is how it looks when hung on pram hooks.

Does the daisy print one look nicer?

Actually I'm considering to get this: when Princess gets older. But do I need another bag??

Carter's bibs for Princess. She doesn't need them yet but I couldn't resist buying them first.

Baby boy bibs for my very dear friend Mdm Tan. Sorry C I know you don't really fancy being called that but my Ah Lim very gian to be Mrs Tan so I reckon she will be very happy to see more Tan-s mentioned. Haha

More Carter's bodysuits for Princess. She can move on to these after she has outgrown her current batch :)

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