Friday, October 9, 2009

My first attempt shopping with Princess

Received an advertisement booklet from Taka few days back. They were having a four-day special additional 15% for card holders. I decided to drop by to get some essential stuff since I'm loaded with Taka vouchers *LOL*. The good thing about Taka vouchers are that they have no expiry date and can be used even during special sale periods.

Since it is already understood that I am fully taking care of my baby princess by myself at this moment, I'll have to bring her along wherever I go. Miss Little Bean was such a sweetie when in her pram. No throwing of tantrums (she seldom throw tantrums anyway. Can't remember the last time she did :)) = no difficult time for mummy. I was able to shop but of course have to be quick - pick and go and keep checking on her every few minutes. The only bad habit she has developed is - refusing to nurse, especially in the Cradle Position. She's sometimes ok with the Reclining Position when at home. Night feed always in RP. So after she has finished the only bottle of milk I brought, I tried to nurse her for a while at Taka's nursing room and she refused, she had to go hungry. No, she did not make any noise in the pram. She chose to keep quiet and nibble on her mittens. Second attempt to nurse her also failed. On the way back home, I felt so guilty I attempted to nurse her for a final time at ION's NR. She must be really hungry/thirsty at that point cuz she actually decided to suckle and drink a little on my right side. I think she must have quenched her thirst after she got some foremilk cuz she was quite satisfied after a while and stopped. Burping Bean is such a joy. Don't have to pat her very long and she gives a loud "BURP". We have a great sense of satisfaction whenever she does it :)

Loots of the day:

Skincare for the tired and haggard mummy.
Super good buy. Set consists of 50ml Aquasource moisturiser, 125ml Aquasource toner and 50ml Aquasource gel cleanser. $80 before the additional 15%. That's even cheaper than the moisturiser itself!

Storage bottles for ebm. Always in awe whenever I see Medela price tag. 2 250ml bottles for a good $30. Even Avent BPA-Free bottles cost much lesser. Good thing they were having 15% off and then, additional 15% on top of that. Pumping/storage is gonna be so much easier for me now :)

Since I'm planning to continue to express milk after going back to work, I needed a cooler bag to keep the milk fresh during the day. Was so settled on a Allerhand bag eversince we spotted this model at Robinsons during my pregnancy days. Hubby wanted to buy it on the spot but then I wasn't that sure if I were able to succeed for that long so I wanted to buy one closer to returning back to office date. Drag and drag... till now can't find it in Isetan and Taka. Centrepoint Robinsons so out of the place so never really attempted to make a trip down in case they don't have it anymore. Combi Cooler/Diaper Bag
Seriously have you seen a cooler bag "cooler" than this? Ya may not look that pretty but it really is the PRETTIEST among the lot.

Anyway one has to move on and I happened to find this even more awesome thing: Fridge-To-Go.
I think it's $58 or $62 before the 15%. Comes complete with cooler plates.

Looks very ugly right? Comes in black, light blue and red. All equally ugly so I chose black.

Although it's ugly, it is super practical!

I think this is called the cooler plate or ice pack. Something like that.
A whopping 4 such pieces and a few small pieces in all.
Super heavy ok but the SA told me it is can last for a good 10-12hrs.
This is what I meant by practical.

* Still lusting after the Allerhand one *

Treat for the husband.
The greatest thing about the opening of ION (to him) is the opening of branch of Lim Chee Guan in town. No need to go to Chinatown for his fix!

New keyfob.
Guess what's the husband's reaction when I showed this to him?
"Oh isn't this the one I wanted to buy for you previously?"
Fullstop. Then back to his gaming session.
Really no heart lor this guy.

Ta da! Can put 2 tiny pics of Little Bean and hao lian to whoever I happen to chat to :D

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