Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bean's first fever

XY was exceptionally grouchy this morning starting from 530am. K was sleepy (he did her 230am feed) so I was arrowed to do the second feed. Sigh... Bean is still waking up up to 2 times for feeds. Not sure should we start to wean her off these feeds but she drinks so little that we can't bear to do it. She only drinks 70-90ml each night feed. Very little right?

Ok, anyway back to topic. I fell asleep while milk was warming up and i arrowed it back to K who ALWAYS wakes up later than me. Strangely Bean does not want to drink and seemed very whiny which isn't her usual self. Well, as I said I was simply too sleepy and I had not done night duty eversince Bean refuses to latch so i continued to sleep while K handled her. Not sure what he did but I think he brought her out to living room for a while and cradled her for some time. * ME: Sleep sleep *

Just as I got out from the shower and was getting ready for work, K suddenly told me Bean felt feverish. I touched her body. Yes, definitely. Didn't need a thermometer for that. No wonder she had been grouchy since the early hours and what was this Mummy doing??? Sleeping away. So I decided to stay home for today with Bean. K wouldn't know how to handle it I assume.

Grouchy Bean. Luckily I have Pigeon cooling patch on standby.

Sleepy cuz not feeling well can't sleep...

Poor thing...

Wet towel to bring down her temperature and to cover her 两点 *LOL*

Sick but still cheeky.

Finally after 20min of coaxing, she managed to fall asleep.
But only for 30min and I gave her a bath after she awoke.

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