Saturday, February 13, 2010

First day as a SAHM/Housewife

K sent XY to school as usual. Me went to Compasspoint for grocery shopping, did few loads of laundry, went to Fairprice for grocery shopping (again!), prepared dinner and fetched XY back from school. Sounds easy eh? But all these kept me busy the whole day. I boiled potato for XY's dinner but she was too sleepy when she came home (did not sleep well in daycare) that she did not want to eat. Gave her a hot bath and she fell asleep very soon after.

Dinner for that night:

From left - Herbal chicken soup (Boy, I'm getting soooo good at making it nowadays), Stir-fry 菜心with mushrooms and 干贝, 麻婆豆腐. I cheated by using the 李锦记sauce. All tasted great!

P/S: K asked me was I going vegetarian when he saw what I prepared. Well, my answer is, chicken soup is cooked with chicken bone, there is 干贝 in the stir-fry and there's minced pork in the 麻婆豆腐. What vegetarian? *LOL*

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