Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bean's graduation present

The teachers at daycare like XY so much that they are telling me almost everyday how much they will miss her when she stops going there. I feel kinda sad as well. I will surely be bringing XY to visit the teachers in the afternoons. Still want to keep in contact with them. Never expected the teachers a daycare to be so warm , so caring. I never regretted placing my XY there at all. At the daycare centre, there is always children's songs playing and lots of toys for stimulating the brain. Most importantly, no tv available and the teachers stick to a schedule. XY is well trained in this way for her feeds and sleeping time. It's still some days before XY's last day but the teachers already prepared a lovely present for XY on Monday. She's still too young to know what's happening but I will definitely tell her about the nice teachers when she's old enough to understand.

Blur blur girl don't know what the package is for.

My nick for her: 傻瓜人. Don't ask me why but I just love calling her that.

Looking interested finally.

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