Friday, February 12, 2010

Goodbye Coperion!

Remember during our primary school English composition lessons, most of us used to start our first paragraph with “How time flies” when we were asked to write a compo to say how we spent the school holidays? This is exactly how I’m feeling now. Kind of mixed feelings though. Been working here for 3.5 years. The longest job I ever held in my 9 years of work life.

The company culture is really quite different from my ex-co and very hard for me to come to terms with it. I will not elaborate things here but I’m sure my close ones already know it by heart (I complain so much). Although I complain about it but I’ll surely miss some of the nice people there, the shopping/pumping during lunch time and of course the location itself. During my 3.5 years here, I had the most major changes in life. I applied for HDB flat in Nov 2006, ROM-ed in Aug 2007, got the keys to new flat in March 2008, did my customary wedding in Sept 2008, conceived Baby Xiang Ying in Oct 2008, Mum passed on in April 2009, gave birth to Baby XY in July 2009. The list just keeps going on. I entered as a mid 20s young lady and left as a Mummy (Read: Auntie Jo). So many memories here. All the way from Plaza by the Park to Gateway at Beach Road. When I first joined the company, they were located at Plaza By the Park which is just about 15min bus journey from my parents’ place (I wasn’t married then) and yet I can be late haha. No wonder I kana blacklisted for lateness. But I’m so thick-skinned that I continue to be late and kana-ed marked even further. I was actually monitored for my report time and I lost 3 points during my appraisal last year for lateness (if you consider 10-15min late in the morning to be that late).

Still remember we used to pass by Gateway (Poly days I think) and I used to envy the people who were working there. Yeah, Gateway looked glam from the outside during those days. So when the management announced the move, I was elated. Only to realise that the walking distance from Bugis MRT is quite a pain to do everyday. And now with the Circle Line construction it's even worse. *LOL* So I bade my farewell on 10th Feb 2010 and officially start as a SAHM. I'll surely be bringing my little XY to Bugis some day to lunch with my colleagues at Coperion.

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