Saturday, February 6, 2010

No need for NAN2 yet

As most of my readers already know, my 傻瓜人 rejects formula milk. I'm so fearful for the day that I'm unable to have enough supply what is she going to drink? So was I right to be so persistent in giving her total breastmilk? Or should I have continued to supplement at least 1 feed of fm to her since her younger days? Don't think there is a right or wrong answer to this. I see some mummies facing the problem that their babies are so used to latching that they reject bottles (though mine is the other way round *LOL*) and my problem (rejecting fm) is obviously not new to many mummies. As I'm stopping work in a few days more, K said I'm going to be with my 傻瓜人 24/7 so no need to worry not enough milk. I guess he's right... but then again I'm contemplating whether or not to open the small can of NAN2 sample I got from Dr Ho's clinic. Initially I was quite confident that I won't need it (I was planning to get HA formula) and even wanted to pass the can to my friend but I later on backed out cuz I'm not sure if it's a good idea to open a big can of formula in case she rejects it then whole can wasted (again). I'm keeping the sample can for trial to test if 傻瓜人 going to be more sensible in a few months' time or not. By right cannot be choosy on food right but this girl from the beginning already show her pattern. What can we do right? We were educated to do TBF from early pregnancy stage and not to supplement with FM. I spoke to a LC few weeks back when we had problem re-introducing FM to Bean. She's nice but slightly emotionless cuz she actually expected each and everyone to be able to bf till the kid turn 2 years old. Being able to feed for 1 whole year is already very good effort (just imagine lugging a heavy cooler bag to and fro work everyday and going straight home EVERYDAY after work. No meeting friends for shopping/dinner for 2 years. What kind of life is this?) in my humble opinion. I've targetted myself to give BM for the 1st 6 months of Bean's life and now it's past 6 months and I don't feel like stopping yet. Yeah very addictive. Haha... No lah in fact K and I got so used to it that it no longer bothers us very much. K supports my pumping "action" very much. He washes/sterilises the pump parts everyday. Although some days he finds it a chore but he's still doing it cuz he knows I put in a lot of time and effort to do it and he knows the benefits and nutritional values of BM so he would like me to continue to provide.

Well, after the teething saga (READ: reject milk/cereal) here's what I have in my fridge. * Winks to my loyal reader * Not that my supply increased but that she was drinking less those few days. Now back to normal.

Bean looking like Banana in Pyjamas in the cute sleeping suit given by Auntie D. Just woke up in the morning. Blurry faced still...

Clinging on to her favourite flavour of milk.


ferinesok said...

she looks different

pinkdewy said...

Ya just wake up eyes swollen and looks like boy without hairband.