Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Little Xiang Ying's turn now...

Yes... it's also time for XY to bid farewell to the wonderful teachers at daycare. How long has she been there? Let me see... Exactly 16 weeks (D, yes I like to count too!). I had been there with her for the first 3 days and she had adapted so easily. We were a little apprenhensive to put XY there initially. Will they take good care of her? Will XY get used to being there? Well, she did get used to the teachers very soon. No separation anxiety at all and so far, I get good feedbacks from all the teachers except the part where she often leaves behind 20ml of milk after each feed, which is well... not uncommon to us. Overall, the teachers are a friendly bunch, especially teacher Shu Mei whom K and me find has the most passion towards the babies. She appeared way too cool in the beginning but she was actually the one we could clicked with the most. As reported by K, she would rush out to carry XY every morning when K sent her over.

It was on the second week of Jan I requested to withdraw XY from the daycare centre and the very next day onwards, the teachers started to be 依依不舍 towards XY. Kinda like withdrawal syndrome. Haha. Teacher Poh Leng was like asking us why want to withdraw her since she's adapting so well over there. But as we have decided, I will be the sole caretaker of XY at least for her first year.

Some pics taken on the second last day. I missed teacher Azian! But not to worry, I shall be bringing XY over to kaypoh sometimes in the afternoons.

This is my favourite teacher Shu Mei. Cutie dress is a gift from all the teachers. See la people only infant and got farewell present leh.

Teacher Poh Leng. I think she is the one who dotes on XY the most. I missed her on XY's last day (she knocked off a 430pm that day). Heard from the other teachers she actually wept a little on that day!

And... the most meaningful Ang Baos from the teachers! I was so touched I cried when I read the messages back at home.

From teacher Poh Leng

From teacher Azian

From teacher Shu Mei

I am so gonna keep these APs for XY till she's old enough to understand the message from the teachers.

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