Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cooks this week

Ok I decided I will not do a "Monday Dinner" series. A weekly series is better :)

Did some simple meals as usual and some were badly presented and some were repeats, therefore no pics of those. Not to boast but I did a pretty good job with yong tau foo with pasta (linguine) in sweet sauce. Too bad the presentation...

One of my new tries: Sayoh Lodeh - Indonesian vegetable curry. I used a premix from Asian Gourmet (hope I got the brand correctly) and added a whole carton of coconut milk. Very sinful. Hubby loves it.

I hate beansprouts so I made fried bee hoon with leftover cabbages from above dish. Was my first attempt with bee hoon after more than 1yr. Much nicer this time round. Secret: I used some lard leftover from frying the pork belly. I did pork belly my mum's style - fry till most of the oil is out, add lots of chopped garlic and dark soy sauce. This is so going to be my signature fried bee hoon :)

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