Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New food for Xiang Ying

MJ thought she could take a break from cooking rice porridge which requires her to pre-soak the rice at least 30min before cooking, thaw frozen minced pork/fish 1hr before cooking and boil the porridge for at least 1hr when she saw this pasta sauce suitable for infants (READ: no added salt/sugar) at Four Seasons store. So she happily bought it and attempted to feed little XY with it for lunch. Results: Did she eat it? Hell, no!!! Little XY only ate a few mouthfuls and refused to open her mouth for more. Well, to be frank, the tomato based sauce is kind of... tasteless but I'm not sure if that is a problem to her since her usual food is naturally flavoured with meat or veggies. Anyway I did add some minced pork to the sauce. Being MJ who has the 不放弃的精神, I tried all ways and means to cheat her into eating. Even to the extent of using my fingers to feed. Ok she managed to eat at least half of it and I was satisfied enough. So MJ was a little disappointed and taken aback. This is not the first time XY had pasta in tomato sauce. During those times when she rejected porridge and mashy food, MJ had bought pasta sauce from Da Paolo (supermarket at Paragon basement) and M&S and both occasions, XY loved it. It was just too bad this time round :(

Guess who had to finish the leftover sauce? Obviously me lor. I won't want to dump the whole jar away just like that.

Vermicilli (with Combi noodle cutter) and the healthy pasta sauce.

On a side note: The noodle cutter is damn damn super useful. I discovered that it should not be used only for noodles. It is very good for cutting fruits like cherries, strawberries, grapes into smaller bits for XY's tiny mouth :)

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